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1940s anatomical chart.


1950s oak bedside cabinet with glass top.


Slightly rough around the edges apothecary drawers. Perfect for all your lotions and potions.


Large green clock.


This has the feel of a Heals piece but there is no makers mark. There is a lovely symmetry and simplicity of line.


I don’t know much about this, least of all how old it is. It has joints at the neck to attach it to something. Possibly a fairground ride.


Stamped SNCF. These stylish chairs with lovely hooped arms originally saw service in the French railways.


Following the great depression of 1929 the religious society of friends opened a furniture factory to bring employment to starving Welsh miners. Employing great designers such as Marcel Breuer, they produced beautiful furniture, before the factory closed at the start of WWII. Lovely furniture and British History all in one.

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